The danger of drugs consumption

Drug consumption is becoming a serious problem in many countries. Several states in the USA and many EU countries have liberalised drug policy. Smoking or consumption of drug is discriminalized in many countries. Marijuana, cannabis, hashish, etc are few names. Synthetic drugs are dangerous, violent and threatening to life itself.
Amsterdam is the main place, where one can easily buy and consume drugs legally. The ‘coffeeshops’ in Amsterdam are for drugs. Now, Prague will overtake Amsterdam soon. Prague is the ‘Mecca of Europe’ for drugs users. The items come in different forms. There are also cakes, biscuits and tea/ juices which contain drugs.

You must be wondering why the youth goes to Amsterdam and Prague for weekend parties, bachelor parties, etc. It could be for a real tourism and relaxation parties. But there are dangerous items which attract people.
Psychoactive substances or synthetic drugs will lead to bodily harm and death. There are tablets, sweet cakes, biscuits, juice for easy and consumption publicly.

Synthetic drugs cause acute intoxication and death. It affects brain and nervous system. Of course, it is strict that drug is sold to people above 18 years and quantity is limited up to 5 grams per day per person in Amsterdam. Even 5 gram can change your brain functions and result in alteration in perception, mood or behaviour. But in black market, spices are available easily.

I know few incidences after drug consumption. Murdering case, accident, stabbing, violence, death after overdose, etc. There are cases of omitting, misbehaving, hallucinations, etc. I have seen that some youth were down for three days after the 18th birthday party. There is a video in Oh My Health (FB) which shows the hallucinations after taking synthetic drugs. We should not risk our life. One should not spoil the image of the parents and our family. You may be knowing that the famous Austrian Aida confectionery sells brownies containing CBD, price less than 5 Euro. Buying, selling, gifting, possession of drugs are criminal offences.
Few medicines or items made from morphine is used for pain relief, drowsiness, stress, etc. But misuse or overdose will lead to several problems, including death.
It it better to monitor our youth. Please have a discussion with them about your concerns on drug misuse or consumption, even if, it is only small quantity or less dangerous spices. Cheap and high effective items are easily available in black market.

I would suggest to evaluate few points:

How many times your son/ daughter went to Amsterdam or Prague? Did they go with genuine friends?

Where and with whom our children go for night sleepover? What was the entertainment and the menu? Don’t expect that the children will answer you frankly!!

What is the physical condition when they come after the night party?

Who brought them and what time they arrive?

Do they take any special cakes, juice, tea, etc. Even when they study, do they have an habit of talking any energy tablets?

“We propose and God disposes”. We guide our children as per our wisdom and life experiences. Let us pray for a happy future.

Abraham Kuruttuparambil